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Awkward Silences

Birds of a Feather

Cat and Mouse


Dead End Saloon

Everybody wants to be You 


Go to Ground

Hold On

Hunter's Moon

I'm Gonna Walk

Just the Universe

Miles per Hour

Moulin Rouge

Old Skl Rock n' Roll

Pacify the World



Seeing Red

Sky is Falling


Step too Far

Storm is Rolling

Take the Lead

Talk to God

Tender Touch

Too Low for an Ego

Walking By

Your Own Pace 

Finally we are at 2024! Break the fable were founded on the 2nd August 2017 with their first rehearsal at Ivy Arch Studios Worthing. The band members are Marley Strukelj on vocals, Jozeph Yandle on guitar, Callan Rogers on bass and Jason Roberts on drums and backing vocals. The beginning of 2020 the band were out performing at Open Mics in Sussex to play venues that don’t usually have original bands showcasing their own material. After five of these open mics the band were offered three headline shows…and then lockdown! The whole of the live venue scene crashed to a halt. Rehearsal venues closed and the entertainment sector disappeared. As soon as the rehearsal venues reopened the band got together, rehearsed and wrote new material. They posted two of their singles from recording in 2019; ’Birds of a feather’ and ‘Cat’n’mouse’, which are available on various sites and can be streamed on Spotify. There are several videos on Youtube of them playing live, open mics and recorded. With new tunes Break the Fable will be back out this year playing Open mics and other venues throughout the South East.

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